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Antarctica 3

Everything else.

Antarctica 2

Whales, seals and ice. Some guest photos.

Antarctica 1

Penguins, from my first trip to Antarctica.


South America


Uruguay 1

Colonia del Sacramento

Chile 3

Torres del Paine, Patagonia.

Chile 2

This will be some more Easter Island photos...

Chile 1

Moai on Easter Island.

Argentina 4

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing competition in Bariloche

Argentina 3

El Calafate and El Chalten

Argentina 2

Iguazu, Salta.

Argentina 1

Resistencia - over 500 sculptures...


Jesuit Route and a very big dam.

Bolivia 2

Salar de Uyuni revisited.

Bolivia 1

From Titicaca to Uyuni.

Peru 3

The Sacred Valley.

Peru 2

Coastal Peru.

Peru 1

The Nazca Lines.

Ecuador 3

South of Quito.

Ecuador 2


Ecuador 1

Otavalo Market.



Colombia 3


Colombia 2

More paragliding in Colombia.

Colombia 1

Me, paragliding in Colombia.


Central America


Panama 2

David and Panama City.

Panama 1

The Panama Canal.

Costa Rica

Sculptures, reflections...

Nicaragua 2

Granada's Cathedral.

Nicaragua 1

Churches in Leon.

El Salvador 3

La Ruta de Flores.

El Salvador 2

La Palma, Santa Ana.

El Salvador 1



Copan, cathedrals.


Birds, boats and buildings.

Guatemala 2

Antigua, Volcanos and Tikal.

Guatemala 1

Guatemalan Highlands and a market.

Mexico 2

Yucatan and Chiapas, Mexico.

Mexico 1

Chichen Itza, Uxmal...


Nepal, India, South East Asia, China, Russia...

Nepal 2

...and a few panorama photos.

Nepal 1

My third trek round the Annapurna Circuit.

India 7

Laundry and Taxis in Mumbai.

India 6

Agra III - Finally, some photos of the Taj!

India 5

Agra II and why it's best not to visit on Sunday.

India 4

Agra I - Home of not just the Taj Mahal.

India 3

Khajuraho - famous for its erotic carvings ...

India 2

Ghats and lots of ... at Varanasi.

India 1

Konark - The Sun Temple.


Just a few mosque photos.

Philippines 4

Tarsiers, sunsets and diving.

Philippines 3

Typhoon Durian, Diving on Malapascua.

Philippines 2

More North Luzon.

Philippines 1

Manila and North Luzon.


Stops along the Trans-Siberian to Moscow.


Ulaan Bataar and some grasslands.

North Korea

A very brief visit to North Korea ...

South Korea 2

Miscellaneous photographs around Seoul.

South Korea 1

Gyeongbok-kong Temple Complex in Seoul.


Lhasa, Lakes, Tibetan Villages and Everest.

Macau 3

International Fireworks Display Contest.

Macau 2

Fisherman's Wharf.

Macau 1

Mediterranean buildings.

Hong Kong

The harbour and some night shots.

China 15

Return to Jiuzhaigou - Autumn Colors.

China 14

Suzhou Gardens and Tongli Canals.

China 13

Shanghai, Art and Nanjing.

China 12

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

China 11

Sichuan, Guanxi and Hongyuan County.

China 10

Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces, Guanxi.

China 9

Great Buddha, Leshan; Huangguoshu Falls.

China 8

Minority Report - Miao celebrations in Guizhou.

China 7

Jiuzhaigou - crystal clear lakes, waterfalls.

China 6

Along the Silk Road 2.

China 5

Along the Silk Road 1.

China 4

Pingyao, Hua Shan and Hukou Falls.

China 3

From Xi'an to Beijing.

China 2

From Kunming to Lijiang.

China 1

Hong Kong to Shanghai via the Three Gorges.

Japan 2

Temples and Gardens in Kyoto.

Japan 1

The Cherry Blossom season in Kyoto.


Lots of temples at Angkor, and some crocodiles.

Laos & Vietnam

Sunsets, the Mekong, rivers and waterfalls.


Temples, Bagan, Inle Lake, a balloon festival.

Indonesia 2

Volcanic lakes on Flores, plus some dragons!!

Indonesia 1

Lake Maninjau on Sumatra.


Mostly Kuala Lumpur and Penang.


Some scans of the Taj Majal.


My second trip round the Annapurna Circuit.


Just two shots of me and my paraglider.


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