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North Korea

In the DMZ

This is our guide to the Joint Security Area in the DMZ between North and South Korea ... ... and these two ROK soldiers are our protection The sunglasses and tai kwondo pose are intended to be intimidating for the North Koreans These four DPRK soldiers are observing us. You can see only three? Here's the fourth!
The raised concrete line between the two blue UN controlled buildings marks the border between North and South Korea... ... and here it is again, photographed during my short stay in North Korea! This is Kijong-dong, the empty North Korean town inside the DMZ, with the largest flag in the world. And this is the Bridge of No Return ... when pows were exchanged, they were given the choice of staying where they were, or crossing. Once they crossed, they could never return. A monument to reunification, a positive and recurring theme during our visit. The North Koreans tested their first nuclear weapon two days later!
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