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Philippines 1

Manila and Northern Luzon

Monument to Jose Rizal ... ...executed by the Spanish in 1896. Every town has a Rizal Avenue, or Boulevard, or Park ... St Augustin Church, in Intramuros ... ...where the ceiling is actually a smooth surface ... this is a trick of the artist!
... and this is not a Church ... ... they're all just mausoleums, sometimes complete with kitchen and toilet ... for the family, not for the deceased. Rice Terraces in North Luzon with one of the locals working ...
... and some other locals having lunch! Nipa huts ... there's a photo of the inside of one later on This is a re-creation of the standard advertising poster for Batad, a town where you have to walk the last 3km to reach it. Sunrise over Batad Inside of a nipa hut
This, believe it or not, is Tapplya Falls! That's the high part of Batad, on the end of the central ridge below. This is as close as you can get by car. These are actually miniature sunflowers and some rice stalks Looking down above Banaue
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