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India 5

Agra - The Taj Mahal 2

Sunday afternoon at the Taj Mahal...'s really busy ... and the primary goal is to have your photo taken with the Taj as a backdrop - note how the couple in the picture are framing the Taj with their linked arms I saw some of the results of the 'official' photographers - not impressed
The centre platform is a favourite spot - when you can get on it! or on the platform surrounding the Taj itself Foreigners don't have to remove their shoes - they get plastic shoe covers instead And Indians get to ignore the signs about shoes ... ...or keeping off the grass
The carving on the Taj is just amazing if you look closely, you'll see where someone decided to add to the carving There's some scruffy wasteland to the east of the Taj Detail of main dome and minaret
Three package tourists enjoying a break before they're rushed back into their air-conditioned bus ... they had a total of 45 minutes to view the Taj! A panoramic sunset view of Taj Ganj, the seedy area immediately south of the Taj also from the rooftop restaurant
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