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India 6

Agra - The Taj Mahal 3

Late afternoon and those arriving for sunset want to see inside first ... within minutes the queue has stretched ... across the platform and back again until, as I was leaving, it formed several back and forth lines
You want the classic shot of the Taj ...? This is about as close to the classic shot as you're going to get! I've looked at loads of postcards of the Taj taken from different angles and in different lights ... I've never seen this shot though ...
At least you can't see the rubbish after sunset There's a ferry which will take you across the river from the back of the Taj for 10 rupees (more like 100 if you're a westerner ...) but you have to wade through almost toxic water to get to him At the back of the Taj is the Yamuna river - not much water in it at the moment ... you have to look quite hard for a spot where you can get a decent reflection. This was the cheapest place to get a view of the whole Taj View at sunrise from the hotel restaurant ... ...and at sunset... and, having carefully timed my visit to Agra, under the full moon
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