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Mexico 2

Yucatan and Chiapas

Izamal, near Merida. The whole town centre is painted yellow... ...and the normally deserted Convento de San Antonio was packed...this is the aftermath because of the annual feast day. Panorama of Edzna, near Campeche...'s a little awkward to get to, so there were only three other people there the day I visited.
Templo de las Inscripciones, at Palenque, where King Pakal's (died 683) crypt was discovered in 1952 Palenque is a much busier Mayan ruin Panorama of Palenque. This is a 'comb', on the top of one of the ruins Palenque, restored and unrestored...
...and more unrestored. Yaxchilan, which felt like a set out of an Indiana Jones movie Bonampak Yaxchilan - if you want to see its very best carvings, they're in the British Museum! Beetles are very common in Mexico. Thirty seconds after I took this, another Beetle drove past them.
San Cristobal cathedral at sunset San Cristobal Day trip on the river, with interesting birds, ...crocodiles... and more birds. Eva, note the shallow depth of field!
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