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China 1

From Hong Kong to Shanghai via the Three Gorges

Chinglish - where Chinese is translated into English in an unusual way A very strange instruction by the lake in Lijiang ... and some interesting misspellings by the Great Wall Yangshuo This is the boat I took along the Three Gorges - my cabin is the one on the left of the centre door on the balcony!!
Three Gorges - the water is now more than 150m higher than it was before the dam project started... ...and this is the dam Turtles in Shanghai View of the Bund at night Gardens in Shanghai - and wherever you go in the big cities, there's a coffee shop ...
Oriental Pearl Tower - most recognisable building in Shanghai ... ... and at night. A novel use for chairs - acrobat show in Shanghai How many people can you fit on a bicycle? There are 14 on this one ... Four motorcycles in one cage
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