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Chile 3

Torres del Paine

Los Cuernos (the horns) from south of Lago Pehoe. Most people don't get to see this view... Sunset in Valle de Frances. I was the only person camping at Britanico. Lenticular cloud forming at the end of the valley - people have actually mistaken these for ufos! Other side of the rocks in the second photo, at sunset. The next morning, looking towards sunrise.
The sun just hits the top of the rocks... then, as it rises, they turn orange. A few hours later. The beach, bottom right, is where I took the earlier photos from. View from the mirador at Las Torres. This is what everyone has come to see... But hardly anyone goes down to the lake, where there's a wonderful reflection.
Crossing the John Gardner pass and your first view is Glacier Grey This is Mike, who didn't realise he was posing for me. Without him, it's a nice photo. With him ... Glacier Grey at sunset. I timed my circuit to get here at full moon. Quite satisfied with the results, really ;)
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