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Antarctica 1


Gentoo penguin Chinstrap penguin (a passenger on a previous cruise called it a jockstrap penguin!) Adelie penguin Macaroni penguin - the only one we saw - all on his own in a colony of chinstraps Very rare headless penguin
Chinstrap Chinstrap Chinstrap with young chicks... which are really cute No, she's not eating the chick, she's feeding it
Chinstrap covered in poop Sometimes they fight Chinstrap Chinstrap who thinks he's a cockerel? Gentoos and chinstraps seem to get along fine
Gentoo chicks Gentoo chicks yet more gentoo chicks this one thinks he can fly feeding time
and some more gentoo chicks you've probably worked out what these are by now I watched these for about half an hour Another one who wants to fly An Adelie rookery
I thought the chicks were ugly compared to the Gentoos so I can understand why a parent would want to eat their offspring This is actually called 'gamming' - he's probably a pre-breeder practising for next year when he tries to attract a mate And some more Adelie chicks A reflection...
and one of two of the very rare headless penguins resting in the snow off to the beach Penguin chicks can only fly with the help of a skua (not my photo) and if you ever wanted to know what the inside of a penguin chick looked like...
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