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Antarctica 2

Whales, seals, birds and ice

Seal Seal Seal (not my photo) Seal (also not my photo) Zodiac cruising through the ice (not my photo)
Humpback whale breaching (not my photo) Sometimes they get really close to the zodiacs (not my photo) And they're quite curious (not my photo) Orcas (not my photo)
Lots of snow in Antarctica - there's a surprise! 80% of the iceberg is underwater and 20% appears above the surface (except that this one is grounded off Spert Island) so what you're seeing here is just the tip of the iceberg... (sorry) I cracked that joke in the zodiac - didn't get a lot of laughs, but plenty of groans ;)
Amazing shapes This one must have tipped over - beautiful smooth surfaces Sometimes they're really jagged Love this photo - it's by Krystle - the ship's photographer This one's also by Krystle - a stunning capture - check out her other stuff at
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