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Antarctica 3

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Here's a map of Antarctica. The red arrow shows you just how far south we travelled! Our luxury cruise liner in Ushuaia Coming ashore by zodiac to meet the nuns Doing a bit of hiking Yellow jacket penguins with a very rare chinese bluecoat penguin called Keran...
who had the most wonderfully reflective sunglasses I got to meet some really interesting people. This is Amanda... Here's Ron and Jan from the US... Dave (in red) driving the zodiac. It's cold and windy, which is why I'm desperately trying to put my hood up. Sometimes we had to fight to get through the ice
Here at spert, it's very calm... and Jamie was determined to get through the tunnel Our last landing was a bit rough so lots of parkas hanging up to dry We had to stay 5m from the penguins. But nobody told the penguins...
who would frequently pass us, apparently unconcerned Admiring the view I did some interesting, and sometimes stupid things. Here, I'm getting a photo of the southernmost Thresher Shark Divers t-shirt ever !! Very quickly. If that wasn't cold enough, I went for a dip in the ocean - minus one degree centigrade. At least I got the certificate.
I was also privileged to have been at the wedding of two delightful young Americans... Valerie and Gabe And we went all the way to the Antarctic circle (sunset that day was actually not until ten past midnight) Here's the GPS reading to prove it And here are my fellow passengers, drinking gluvein on deck as we crossed.
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