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Peru 1

The Nazca Lines

Took the flight over the Nazca Lines. Here's the Whale. It's 63m long. A trapezoid The 'Astronaut' (more likely a priest with an owl's head) 32m Some of the lines are really long And there are numerous 'centres' from which they emanate
The Monkey 110m The Dog 51m The Condor ... can't see it? Here's a close-up of the Condor 136m The Spider 46m
The Hummingbird 96m The Heron The Heron in full. A whopping 300m The Parrot 200m Close-up of the Parrot
The Pan-American Highway cuts right through the Nazca plain... Here's a rusty metal tower from which you get a really poor view... ...of the Tree 70m ...and the Hands 45m
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