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Peru 2

Coastal Peru

The Lord of Sipan - burial mound near Chiclayo One of his 'guardians' was buried in the wall, watching over him Looks like a hill, but it's completely man-made, of adobe (mud) bricks Further south, Chan-Chan. With earthquake proof walls. Sadly, not coastal wind proof Reconstruction of main route to temple
One of the guardians This is Pucllana - it's right in the middle of Lima. The bookcase construction and trapezoid blocks are also earthquake proof Pucllana The mud hill in the distance is what the part on the left looked like before being uncovered by archaeologists Guinea pigs in a little zoo at Pucllana, showing what the Lima culture ate. I had one in Ecuador. Tastes a bit like rabbit
Candelabra near Isla Ballestas south of Lima Humboldt penguins. Isla Ballestas is sometimes called 'the poor man's Galapagos' Sea lions having an argument This one is a Canon fan, turning his nose up at my Nikon Pelicans
Flying the coast at Lima. Here, looking towards take-off You can do a short tandem flight for $50 The tandem pilots are very, very good. But I rented a  canopy and flew on my own for a couple of days The mall below is built into the cliff. Behind is the Marriott hotel
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