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China 3

From Xi'an to Beijing

The Terracotta Army at Xi'an This is the Terracotta Hospital! Figures are painstakingly restored as new fragments are found Warriors in trenches The collection includes full size horses as well as chariots View over the Forbidden City
Inside the Forbidden City - click to discover what the small building on the end is ... Central part of the Forbidden City ... this is the building you've seen in all the films! The Temple of Heaven in Beijing before the two year restoration... Traditional roofs inside the Forbidden City Cloud Ridge Caves near Datong
... and a Chinese tour group, complete with matching baseball caps Why would you build a monastery 90m up the side of a cliff? The Great Wall between Jinshanling and Simatai One of the few places near Beijing where you can walk along the wall without hundreds of tourists And in places, it is completely unrestored ... as yet!
West Lake, Hangzhou Contemplating the glacier at 4160m - Jade Snow Dragon Mountain near Lijiang Sunset over West Lake, Hangzhou
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