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This is a scale model of Copan Ruins in Honduras... ...and this is one of the larger pyramids at Copan. When archaeologists dug a tunnel to find out what was inside, they found that the pyramid had been built over a previous temple... ...called the Rosalia temple. It would have looked like this. Or you can pay $15 extra and crawl into the tunnel to hardly see a bit of it through thick glass. ...and they built a full-size replica in the museum This is the 'hieroglyphic stairway'...
...and an artist's conception of how it would have looked The main 'cathedral' in Gracias is being restored... Gracias was at one time the capital of the whole of Central America Comayagua was the capital of Honduras before it moved to Tegucigalpa Tegucigalpa cathedral. The orange mark just above the fence on the left says 'libertad' - the population seems very divided over the recent coup. Iglesia Los Dolores, near my hotel, on a Sunday
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