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China 13

Shanghai and Nanjing

Exhibit at the Shanghai Biennale, very reminiscent of Bruce Nauman ... This exhibit was a typical domestic room, turned by 90 degrees, so I'm standing on the wall ... ... and this is a perspex model of a rocket car ... Unlike galleries in Europe, it's perfectly ok for the visitors in China to take photographs ... One exhibit was exactly like every museum exhibition of an ancient culture that you've ever seen ...
Except that it wasn't actually an ancient culture! Shanghai Bund at night Shanghai Bund at night Red Lanterns at Nanjing city gate Bricks in the wall at Nanjing city gate
Each brickmaker had to leave his details on the brick - if it broke, he had to replace it! Note the spelling of Mausoleum on the side of these tourist trains! This is the mausoleum of Dr Sun Yat Sen ... ...generally considered to be the father of modern China... He actually wanted a simple burial in Nanjing!
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