Stephen Tapply Photography
Macau 1

St Augustine's Church in the morning sunshine You could be in Portugal, except for the Chinese subtext next to the gate Inside St Augustine's ... hand held at 1/15 second! St Lawrence's Church St Lawrence's is at the end of the street, and the building in the mirror is ...
... the headquarters of the PRC government in Macau This is all that's left of St Paul's Cathedral Here it is again, reflected in the window of an art gallery ... and at the end of a side street St Dominic's, in the town centre
And a reflection from my seat in Starbucks This could be in Portugal ... except for the sign over the door Street signs in Chinese and Portuguese and sometimes in English as well
with pastel backgrounds Church of our Lady of Carmel... ...on Taipa, south of the main island Old and new Reflection at sunset
Memorial Chapel in the cemetery Sands Casino reflecton with self portrait! One of three bridges linking the main island with the southern islands Interesting reflection on the back of a Mazda Casinos with lone late night canoeist!
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