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Shwedagon Pagoda, centrepiece of Yangon, and it's completely covered with real gold leaf One of the thousands of Buddhist monks, praying before an image at Shwedagon Monks from ten to eighteen This is called a hti, or umbrella - the one at Shwedagon has several thousand precious stones attached. Naturally it's also covered with gold leaf
The Golden Rock, covered (you guessed) with gold leaf, balances exactly on the lower rock because of a hair of Buddha that is placed in the stupa on top Sunset at Bagan Full Moon Festival - there's a competition for the most spectacular fire balloons ... ...and the contraption underneath contains about six minutes worth of fireworks ... note that it is ascending directly above the crowd This one worked ok. Two days earlier, having just cleared the field, another firework balloon caught fire and landed on the visitors' enclosure, spraying the crowd with rockets
Eight more people got on this bus before it finally left A road junction in the floating village on Inle Lake Garden shed? The crops are actually floating - they're kept in place by bamboo stakes - the tomatoes here are to die for A Floating Village. Actually the village doesn't float, but the only way to get around is by boat No adults on this boat - can you imagine this being allowed in England?
Some statues of Buddha Sunset over Mandalay, view from Mandalay hill Exactly what Myanmar needs - another reclining Buddha
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