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Nicaragua 2

Granada Cathedral

Granada Cathedral The best view is from La Merced's bell tower... you're quite safe behind the railings... but they ring the bell at 5pm Lots of arches around the plaza
Most of the churches have huge crosses outside Here's an unusual view Granada has really big street lamps... really big flags... and really tall wrought iron fences
Here's another huge set of lamps and a seriously tall one lots of photogenic tiled roofs a pedestrianised street with interesting restaurants looking up at one of the towers
that's not a mistake - the spanish for cathedral is catedral a mix of architecture I was in granada for the rainy season, so not many blue skies... I'm fascinated by reflections, so I took advantage of the puddles in the plaza although I got some very strange looks from the locals...
crouched down for several minutes next to each one, apparently just taking pictures of puddles Some interesting 'surprise' framed views from the park... of the tower ...and the dome. I took the power lines which crossed the street out of this photo... But doing the same to the view from the fort, south of the cathedral, would just be too much trouble.
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