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Philippines 3

Supertyphoon Durian / Diving

This is peaceful Puerto Galera ... ...and the morning after the typhoon passed through This was a small banca At least this one can be saved Bits of boats
After the cleanup. The quay was hit by one of the bancas! All the boats in the Philippines seem to be held together with white plastic string ... Diorama of Magellan getting the natives to place his cross ... It's in Cebu, the second largest city in the Philippines I went, under false pretences, to the second anniversary of Thresher Shark Divers ...
...who were very friendly, and incredibly well organised ... They're the only group on the island to have access to a pool for confined water training This is Big Jim And in the distance are Little Jim and Amy, the latter being a purpose designed dive boat I thought I might try an experience dive with them ...
This is Amber, my instructor for the Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses ... And this is Ravi ... my other instructor Typical Malapascuan sunset Amy again Another typical Malapascuan sunset
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