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China 6

Along the Silk Road

Jiayuguan Fort - at one time the westernmost frontier of China Very expensive incense for Chinese tourists Barely hanging on. Sand dunes near Turpan The slightly underwhelming Crescent Lake Turpan gets up to 49 degrees in the summer
Emin Minaret Wonderful what you can do with some bricks! Jiaoche, ruined city near Turpan Jiaoche, detail I'd never seen so much dried fruit in one place before
This is a side lake of Heaven Lake near Urumqi - it's a bit of a walk and consequently very quiet Tian Chi - Heaven Lake Waterfall to the quiet lake This is what the Chinese tourists do at Heaven Lake - they dress up in minority dancing costumes and have their photographs taken Dragon on temple burner at Tian Shui, Gansu
Recently restored Dragon Window, also at Tian Shui Maijishan - buddhist cave grottos built during the Silk Road period Head of Buddha Now you can see just how big the hill and sculptures are Zhongshan Bridge - the first bridge over the Yellow River at Lanzhou
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