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India 2


Evening view of the ghats from the restaurant on my hotel ... the smoke in the distance is one of the 'burning' ghats where the dead are cremated Also from my hotel, towards the main ghat ... Varanasi has lots of boats for river trips Lots of (mostly very old) men waiting to take the tourists Lots of water on the ghats after the rain
The sleeveless pullover didn't go out of fashion in India Lots of advertising (and another sleeveless pullover) Lots of cycle rickshaws Lots of (mostly very old) cycle rickshaw drivers Lots of people, in mostly very small alleyways
Lots of mud and cowshit, which make's the alleys brown after the rain Lots of dogs Lots of interestingly arranged power lines Lots of undisciplined traffic This isn't rush hour, just a normal midafternoon
Lots of laundry being washed and dried on the ghats You can tell which are the mens' clothes ... they're generally more drab Lots of waterbuffaloes, they're brought down to be washed in the Ganges ... right next to where the dhobiwallahs are doing the laundry This man has just had a really thorough wash, and cleaned his teeth, in the same water
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