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India 1

The Sun Temple at Konark

This one's actually the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata The Sun Temple at Konark set in a huge garden with subsidiary shrines around it There were lots of Indian tourists there when I visited
some with even more interesting hairstyles than mine and the women dress much more colorfully than the men The Temple sits on xx wheels, pulled by xx horses and like most of the monuments I've been to recently, scaffolding is an added attraction Detail of one of the wheels
Guides seem to spend most of their time pointing out the 'erotic' carvings which is slightly ironic, These guys are using toothbrushes to clean the carvings
Not sure if this is a tour group or one extended family ... Indians love to have their picture taken with westerners ...
This couple are from England ... in one of those bizarre coincidences, it turned out that the gentleman and I went to the same school ... but he'd left before I arrived. Here's an Indian gentleman doing what Indian's do best ... I stayed for sunset ... note the judicious location of the scaffolding and I bet he didn't buy an entry ticket! Panoramic shot ... made up of eight photos and stitched together in Photoshop CS3 ... I defy you to find the joins!
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