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China 15

Jiuzhaigou Revisited

Sunken trees at five flower lake More sunken trees And some more I really like sunken trees Autumn comes to Jiuzhaigou
... where there are a lot of sunken trees In June, this was all very green One of the many waterfalls at Jiuzhaigou Detail of waterfall Berry nice!
Long Lake gets some autumn colors The mountains behind have a little snow ... ...and this is the following day! Another detail of a waterfall Here, the path is lower than the terraced lake, and the water runs under the path
Terraced Lake, detail This is Mirror Lake... 7 am... I wonder why it's called Mirror Lake? Five Color Lake after the snow
Long Lake again Five Color Lake as the day warmed up More Autumn Colors Coniferous trees don't change color A splash of red
Terraced Lake and another waterfall Reflection and another reflection Last one - I really like reflections too!
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