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Underwater Photography 16

Sipadan and Kota Kinabalu, Borneo

A nudibranch ... note the sparkles on the gills Another nudibranch These two nudibranches are getting rather fresh ... are these ... only they're hermaphroditic!! I know the pygmy seahorse is out of focus ... the camera focused on my dive guide's finger instead!!
I hadn't seen this one before ... I think it's another nudibranch ... No, he's not being aggressive, he's pumping water through his gills so he can breathe Really unusual gills, if that's what they are, on this one Some people blow smoke rings, some divers blow air rings
An orang utan crab ... ...this one is sitting in a strong current, hence the hairs are all swept along ... A cuttlefish putting on a show for us A fellow diver having a crab manicure ... Lions mane jellyfish ... short tentacles so not so dangerous
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