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Side trip to Sekung and Buthurcho lakes

The quite excellent "Trekking in the Annapurna Region" calls the lakes Shyakang and Buddha, and suggests a day trip from Tukuche - except that the lakes, called Sekung and Buthurcho by the locals, are actually south of Larjung.

If you arrive at Larjung and don't have the time (or energy) to attempt the climb up to the Dhaulagiri Icefall (it's about 1300m, takes most of the day and is unbelievably beautiful), a very rewarding alternative is one or both of the two lakes, almost on the same route. The lodge owners may have a copy of the glossy ACAP/KMTNC leaflet with a vaguely topological map ...

From Larjung, continue southwest along the right hand side of the Kali Gandaki for about 20 minutes, until you reach the wide junction with the Ghatte Kola coming from the right. Cross this river mouth, and before you reach the other side, bear slightly right. When you reach the path on the far side, turn right and follow it until you meet another river junction coming from the left. For Buthurcho lake, cross the junction, turn left and follow the track up the side of the hill. The lake is in the trees on your right. There's a sort of path around it, but it's now very overgrown.

For Sekung lake, instead of crossing the river junction to Buthurcho lake, follow the sign to the icefall (up the winding path on the left), past some fields and then down gently through the trees. The path for Sekung lake stays on the right of the stream. From the northwest end of the lake, a photo with all three Nilgiris reflected in the water is possible.

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