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Above Ghyaru

There are two routes from Pisang to Manang. The low route is shorter and easier, and means that you miss out on probably the most spectacular views on the whole circuit. (It's fascinating listening to some guides in the lodges in or before Pisang, trying to persuade their clients to take the low route - they've already done it several times.)

The high route, up to Ghyaru and on to Ngawal, is infinitely more rewarding (and much better for your acclimatisation as well). Even better, if you stay in Ghayru, it's possible to climb the ridge behind for significantly more breathtaking views.

In Ghyaru, walk to the end of the village as if you were continuing to Ngawal / Manang. When you reach the long mani wall/prayer wheels, turn right and head diagonally left up and across to the fields, then turn right again. Walking along the edges of the fields, climb until the terrain changes into a ridge running away from you.

Across on the right is Pisang Peak Base Camp. Further down the valley the Paungba Danda (the 4500m granite wall) no longer dominates as it did for the previous day or two. Across the valley is Annapurna II North Face, Annapurna IV, the three tips of Annapurna III, Gangapurna, Glacier Dome, Tilicho Peak, the Grande Barriere ...


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