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Underwater Photography 14

Sipadan, Sabah, Borneo

A small white tip reef shark laying on the bottom, with several remora cleaning it. Another white tip ...and this one's a Leopard Shark There are lots of green turtles at Sipadan, sometimes resting ... ...sometimes going up for air ...
...but mostly resting Here's Kathia creeping up on one ... ...and here's Tamara doing the same At Barracuda Point there are often lots of barracuda ... surprise ... they are from a distance
No, this isn't a barracuda, it's a frogfish ... A trigger fish ... harmless except during the mating season, when they often attack divers and since trigger fish teeth are designed to break up coral, you'd know about it if you were bitten by one On the other hand, there are no accounts of divers being attacked by ghost pipe fish
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