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Underwater Photography 7

Eurypegasus Draconis - sea moth Porcelain crab on fire urchin Another sea moth - really hard to see unless you get very close - they're only a few centimetres long Hippocampus, or seahorse Chromodoris Nudibranch
This seahorse is upside down. HE is also pregnant Another seahorse, this time at night And a shy, pink one, beautifully lit with my new INON strobe Pygmy seahorse, out of focus, really tiny, so well camouflaged The next three are very small crops from very large photos...
My dive guide pointed me in the general direction... but I wasn't sure if I'd even got anything until I put the jpegs on the computer Banded sea snake at Gato - with venom more toxic than a cobra's Wriggly Ass Fish ... sorry, Juvenile Sweetlips Another sea snake
Another, gorgeously coloured nudibranch This flamboyant cuttlefish put on the most wonderful show for us ... it's skin changes colour A white eyed moray eel A really tiny gobi on a gorgonian fan
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