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Underwater Photography 3

Wreck Diving

Whilst in Coron, I discovered that I had a strong desire to enter sometimes very small openings and exploring dimly lit,
rust covered, silt encrusted, decaying World War II Japanese wrecks. (I do make it sound inviting, don't I?)

Looking down the shot line - you often can't see the wreck until you're right on top of it and sometimes you meet the strangest things - these are juvenile cuttlefish Lusong gunboat, colonised by corals which are often quite bizarre colours and will take over where they can ...
This Japanese gunboat has a two character name - the other character is completely hidden by corals There are even corals on the inside ... visibility outside this funnel on the Akitsushima - not great Some of the entries into the wrecks are quite large like this one on the Akitsushima
...others are a bit tight! or even a little jagged John, exiting the Akitsushima These silt covered oil drums probably aren't worth recovering this wheel doesn't work anymore
everything inside tends to be a bit green ... the interior of wwII wrecks tends to be a bit broken up ... Light coming into the wreck is blue and quite surreal as does the superstructure, looking up towards the surface The Olympia Maru is on its side, so the wall on the left is actually the ceiling
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