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Underwater Photography 1

Starry Night Octopus, comes out at night to forage Xeno crab on gorgonian fan - the crab is about 1.5cm long!! Tata, my divemaster, found me this seahorse hiding in the coral Saw Blade Shrimp on same fan as xeno above A nudibranch
and another nudibranch - the two horns at the top left are rhinophores, its sensory organs The protrusions on its back are its gills Nudibranches are easy to photograph... ...because they don't move very far... ...or very fast
The crab on the left was making overtures to the one on the right, who withdrew into her shell Bright red starfish This jellyfish got caught on the coral Can't see a fish? Look really closely ... it's a scorpionfish ... Here's another scorpion fish. Poisonous. Very well camouflaged. Unless you use a strobe.
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